A service outage means lost money and customer confidence. Make sure you have proactive monitoring so you are alerted before your customers are.

Server Monitoring starting at $3/month
  • Network Service Checks: We can actively check many different services (DNS, HTTP, IMAP, PING, POP, SMTP), including custom TCP Ports. We also have the ability to perform custom FTP/SSH session checks and alert on response times.

  • HTTP Service Checks: Perform HTTP checks to any URL with HEAD, GET and POST operations. HTTP content checks to alert on the presence or absence of specific strings. Alerts triggered when responses time out or return any response code of 400 or above.

  • Server Resource Monitoring: Our monitoring agent can be installed on your server to monitor various local resources (CPU, Memory, Swap, Disk Space, Bandwidth). It can monitor for the existence of files and also actively monitor MySQL and SQL Server databases.

  • Monitoring Locations: We provide a large number of locations world-wide. All issues are verified by at least one additional location before alerting. Our monitoring location counts are: Africa: 2; Asia: 3; Australia: 2; Europe: 8; United States: 12

  • Notifications & Reporting: We support multiple notification methods: Email, SMS Twitter and Google Chat to name a few. Email based reports can be sent daily, weekly and/or monthly to provide a summary of server availability and response times.

  • Monitoring Control Panel: We offer a web-based Control Panel to provide access to all configuration and reporting. This interface is used to fully configure your monitoring environment (no complex local configuration to perform).

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Pathfinder IT Services can also provide
  • Redundant Cloud Servers and Cloud-based Shared Web Hosting. For more information, please visit www.pfitshosting.com.

  • Additional managed services (System Administration, Server Setup and Online Backups) for your servers, no matter who you obtain your server from. For more information, please visit www.pathfinderits.com.