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    ISP in NJ/NY with 1gb

    Does anyone know of any ISP providers in the NJ/NY area that offer 1gbit down/up.

    How do datacenters get that kind of speed? I cant find them anywhere.

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    Try contact Reece from they have their own network and rack space I believe.

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    Did you want to host a machine somewhere, or are you looking to get a 1gbps connection to your office?

    If it's the latter, you need to talk to a bigger ISP, like Level 3 or Nlayer. Or, some of the normal ISPs probably offer this, but you'd need to get in touch with their business sales departments. Don't expect to find a nice order form on their sites!

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    @devicenull said it right. If you're looking to host a server somewhere, you should have no problem finding this. But if you want a symmetric 1Gbps connection to your office you need to talk to Enterprise services with Verizon, Lightpath, or Maybe level3 and possibly Zayo and discuss "Dedicated Ethernet" services. You'll probably get the fastest responses from Lightpath but the price from any of them will make you cringe.

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