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    * i need a dedicated or vps server.

    1000gb or 750gb space with 6/7tb bandwidth transfer
    please give me some best solution. i need to today and contract i will do is for 12 months but i will pay monthly basis. my budget is 75$ a month.

    server should be ready to use.

    i need good economical option. if deal is good, i will transfer now and please note i need help with data migration from old host at no additional cost. thanks for your help in advance.

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    You might want to look at the offers section for some specials. Not sure if you can get a dedicated server same day for $75/mo with 6/7 TB of bandwidth.

    I'd imagine for that price range CPU is not a real factor? Some folks might do it. And a VPS that large? You'd probably be better off with dedicated server. But not sure about your usage vs. the request.
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    Definitely look at the dedicated offers forum for clearance servers. In most cases clearance servers will already be good to deploy immediately. You will want to check with the provider though up front to make sure they can do same day provisioning.
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    What Location are you looking for?
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    Depending on your CPU need, there are some hosts out there that can provide a server for $75/Month or less same day - check out the offer section and look for not only the pricing/packages but the delivery time as well.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanwal View Post
    1000gb or 750gb space with 6/7tb bandwidth transfer
    VPS generally do not comes with this much disk space. But you may contact any desired company for custom package. I think you better fit to a dedicated server.

    my budget is 75$ a month.
    Does it include any licence also like cPanel??
    And are you looking for managed / un-managed server??

    please note i need help with data migration from old host at no additional cost.
    Are you using any control panel at old host like cPanel??
    New provider should get your data transferred but you should make this clear before placing order.
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