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    Heart VPS stats wrong

    I have a self-managed VPS server with Heart Internet. The stats they are providing on RAM usage are way out.
    I am currently using 3GB RAM and they contacted me to say that I am using 30GB and close to my limit. This is entirely incorrect.

    They then backtracked and said the stats must be wrong on the server, but it's up to me to fix the stats because it is a self-managed server.

    Is this a common issue with stats being incorrect, does anyone know? Would it be my responsibility to find out why the stats are wrong or should Heart be doing this?


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    are you sure they weren't talking about disk space when they said 30 GB? It's unlikely that anyone would provide 30 GB of RAM to a virtual server.
    also, what do "free -m" and "df -h" show?

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    It seems likely you've gotten disk space and RAM mixed up — or they have. In either case, this shouldn't be something that they're overly concerned about as even with OpenVZ, RAM and disk space should be properly allocated. Even if you use them all up, it's only you that's affected. It's not like CPU where thrashing it can negatively affect everyone else on the server.

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