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    Question Yahoo's site & email is broke for me. Is it broke for you? Do you still Yahoo!?

    The German version of Yahoo, for me has been broke for months. Using Firefox 24 and Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Yahoo loads slow, and when it's completely loaded, the site looks dismantled. Clicking email takes me to yahoo news. I now access my email via Google search results to avoid the yahoo homepage. I can't always log into my email at times.

    Does anyone else have these problems with Yahoo? Do you still use Yahoo?

    The email address I have with Yahoo is something I created ages ago, but will only be using it for maybe another month or two before I close it, never to use their site again. Kinda sad, because I use to love Yahoo, but all the changes has completely crippled it.

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    Yahoo fell apart years ago. I had a backup yahoo email for a few years;

    - highest spam filter (or what they consider a filter)
    - random character password
    - still hacked
    - sent out spam
    - had 600 spam emails in the inbox when I checked it occasionally

    Overall pretty sad. I block all yahoo emails. Every person I know with one has sent out some form of spam. Google Apps/gmail...many years, and maybe 7 spam messages have slipped through.

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    I dumped Yaboo eons ago... Time for them to go the way of the 8 track tape.
    73's, Kim
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    No issues here. I've had my Yahoo since the 90s.

    But I do think they need to use a DNSBL. Too much crap in the spam folder that most servers would outright reject. This is why I use it less and less. I want important emails on my own servers.

    I honestly don't find Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail/Live much better.
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    I find it odd that one of the biggest websites in the world (yes, they are) is "broken" on your system, and on your system only.

    Think twice. This is your fault.
    hi there!

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    I've been using it for ages. No issues for me. - Web Design / Re-Design Services
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