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    Review sites

    If a customer sais they want to give a review of my company what are some good sites to send them to or is there a company that is free/lowcost that I can put a link on my website like some company's have so new customers can see the reviews. I was thinking of creating a forum or bog for reviews of my company but I feel that some may think that I could have made an account or username just to post a review on my own forum/blog.

    Thank you

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    The thing about creating a forum is its very hard to populate, which could put potential clients off when they say little to no life. However you could create just 2 categories of Announcements and Reviews and slowly build it up that way.

    Also I wouldn't worry about what others may think regarding fake reviews, unfortunately you get them everywhere but people can normally tell when a review is fake.

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    I personally use Review Centre. This isn't a dedicated review site for web hosting, however loads of people use it. Its free for customers to simply post reviews. You can also add your company name and logo for free. However other add-ons like descriptions, web links and offers are added for low monthly fees. Although it isn't free for add-ons, they have a large support network and have multiple widgets you can add to your site, to show customer reviews.

    Hope this helps!

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    I would create a blog and that customers write their testimonies.

    For review of vps I use webhostingtalk, hostingdiscussion and vpsboard.

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    I second the suggestion. Having a blog will also help in search engine results.

    Quote Originally Posted by CircuitoX View Post
    I would create a blog and that customers write their testimonies.

    For review of vps I use webhostingtalk, hostingdiscussion and vpsboard.
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    I also agree with CircuitoX. I think a blog will help your customers write a review easily and also help to increase your search engine rankings.

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    Maybe you can try guest posting on other blogs. It'll be benefits for you (you will got advert, backlink, some organic traffic), and for blog author (he will get unique content)

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    Reviews best place to be shared are on forums especially this forum were on now (WHT). Lots of viewers will see the review when they are posted on forums and to top it off they can also ask questions or give more feedback on these site in the thread where your business review is.

    Another good place is to have then post a blog post on their site if they have a blog explain how good your service is and how the support is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Michael View Post
    1. WHT (here)
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    Personally, we use Searchen as our main one at the moment. Used to be webhostdir.
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