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    VPS For Shared Hosting

    I am looking a solution to offer hosting to my customers (i am a web developer). One solution is to have a dedicated server and have 3 VM's one for Webserver, Database Server and Email Server. Somebody told me that this would be expensive and also would cost me a lot of time to manage all vm's.

    I am also thinking of buying 2 or 3 managed VPS and get rid of dedicated server. I need to offer Shared Hosting to my customers with a Control Panel (probably Plesk) and Email server (probably SmarterMail). Can somebody tell me a solution for that?


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    Are you just starting or do you have many clients already?

    If you are just starting, then better start with reseller hosting until you grow.
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    i already have about 30 customers in s shared hosting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oratios View Post
    i already have about 30 customers in s shared hosting.
    Well on a single VPS you can run the web server, the email server, and the database server together. You don't need them to be separate unless you'd prefer them to be separate. I'd actually advise having them together as it makes the management much more simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by oratios View Post
    i already have about 30 customers in s shared hosting.
    You should be fine with a 4GB memory VPS with cPanel.
    You do not need multiple server to provide shared hosting. Just one server is required.
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    Yep, YagHost-Ravi is right - 4 GB will be enough for your purposes. And Cpanel also good solution.

    Take this advice in consideration

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    Cpanel is very good control panel for Linux biased systems. Also indeed I agree with the others who have stated you should go with a 4gb vps server also no need to split up the database email and webserver. They all will do just fine on the same server under the same load. Separating then will just be a bang of a buck.

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