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    Dedicated Server Debian with XEN

    I am a software engineer and i am looking to build a server to keep my customers websites,DB,emails and offer them a cpanel. I need your help for the solution i am thinking. i want to buy a EX60 dedicated server from Hetzner
    (Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core
    inkl. Hyper-Threading-Technologie
    Arbeitsspeicher 48 GB DDR3 RAM
    Festplatten 2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm
    HDD (Software-RAID 1)) and install Debian 7.0 minimal with XEN and install 3VM's

    1. Windows Webserver (IIS with PHP Support)
    2. Windows Database Server (MSSQL and MYSQL)
    3. Email Server (i don't know which operating to choose yet)

    Does it sound good to you? Do you have to propose something else? How much CPU and Memory do you propose to give to each VM?


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    It's certainly a nice configuration of running virtual servers.
    CPU and memory depend on the actual site and what your customers need. I don't think you can put a default config to that.
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    Another option is to have 3VPS to accomplish the same. A friend told me that this would be a better solution cause a dedicated server will need lots of monitoring and maintenance. i have about 30 customers with small business websites.

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