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    HyperVM - Xen problem (Error : needs lvm) :(

    Hello, I am using a centos 5 server from WII(WSI). Installed hypervm with xen... And when tried to create a new vps it gives a error about "xen needs lvm" .

    Searched google about lvm and tried to change the current partitions to lvm... but not successful and accidentally the os is corrupted and now its a reload and thats the other issue.

    So i need xen for creating windows vps with its HVM. So what help i need is how to do this ?

    Anyway to use xen without LVM. Or is there any virtualization which supports windows on linux and doesn't need lvm ?


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    Hello , in order to use hypervm you need to have LVM Partion, which need to be setup from the begin, else it will not work.

    Or ask your datacenter to install Proxmox , then you will be able to install any iso you desire windows linux etc...
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