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    online backup for Desktop files

    My client is asking if it is possible to upload their desktop files (documents, presentation, pictures,...) on our hosting. I told her that she is on a shared hosting and policy restrict that the use should be 80% part of the website but large files can be temporarily FTP'ed but should be removed once done. Please note I have a VPS reselling it to clients.

    I suggested her to get a VPS or a dedicated for this. She told me she needs 1TB of disk space.

    After putting down the phone I realize there could be a better / cheaper option but could not figure it right now. Can anybody suggest other option that I can resell to my client?

    Can you also recommend what minimum specs I need for this if I go VPS / dedicated servers? And aside from FTP is their other ways for them to backup their files?

    I'm open for suggestions and recommendations. Thanks

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    Check for cheap backup VPS.
    Also, use some coupon to get a good deal.
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    Can you use backupsy to backup desktop files? Client have around 15 PC

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