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    Secure and Reliable Hosting - 80% discount

    What we did is really simple.

    Picked up a few servers from other threads. Installed cPanel on one, backup on another and name servers on others. Contacted the good folks at configservers and had them configure and install their exploit scanner, mail scanner and firewall. Secured the server as best as possible without limiting functionality. Added more functionality by adding FFMPEG, GD, softaculous etc etc..

    There has never been an ad for sales, or specials like this before. Been selling hosting for a couple of years now to a very few number of businesses in the local area with an almost flawless uptime record.

    Our prices are high for good reason. You get an account on a dedicated server configured for reliability with a very limited number of accounts. Some people refer to this as semi-dedicated hosting because it's like having an account all by yourself on a dedicated server.

    Availability is limited. The goal isn't to make hoards of cash. The goal is to have the best service available and split the costs among account holders to pay the bills.

    Get 80% off while available. Only accepting a small number of new accounts.
    Sign up now using code : T71HZJ09IL

    10G Disk Space
    Unmeterd Data Transfer
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Unlimited Add-on Domains
    Unlimited Parked Domains
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited Email Addresses (150/hr)
    Latest cPanel (Control Panel)<br /><br />

    Semi-Dedicated > Shared Hosting
    More CPU, More Power
    Backup Frequency and Data Protection
    More MySQL Connections
    Send More Mail
    Fewer Users Per Server
    Ease of Management and Uptime Guarantee<br /><br />
    *** Please note that domain names are not refundable. And availability may be limited.
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