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    Market Research

    I want to know When you want to start a new division or start selling a different procduct How do you research if it will work or not? If you can make a profit, How to configure servers for it. Where to get your servers from and such.

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    You can certainly ask your existing customer base what they think of new products/services. Maybe develop limited demo allowing users to see how it works - a quick way to get it tested and feedback received.

    Research entails what competition there is, existing pricing, etc. A lot will depend on just getting a product/service out there, even in limited form, to see what interest there is.
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    You can use Google Trends to compare the products you're thinking of selling

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotlivechat View Post
    You can certainly ask your existing customer base what they think of new products/services.
    Not only that, but also survey them for their ideas every once in awhile. If you start seeing a trend, you probably have a good idea that there will be demand for a new product.

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    It is obviously difficult to tell whether a new product or service will be successful, is in demand, etc.; however, a survey of your customer base (offer a prize to induce them to participate) as well as an analysis of current trends will help you pinpoint whether the service/product will be successful or whether there is a need.
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    One question we always ask ourselves internally at Big Brain Global Networks is whether the product fits within our family of products. Will clients have a need for it? Obviously, you can do small pilots without investing too much money to gauge demand, but ultimately it's great to use existing client demand.

    For instance, if you only offer VPS and you see clients start out growing your services and moving away to companies that offer Dedicated servers, then it would make sense to offer that product.
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