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    Looking for a host that is similar to SBI or easy to build/edit so I can keep my we

    I have been with (Site build it) SBI for eight years now and seeing as I do not have the money or time right now to do anything to my website (as it has to be redone) and I cannot afford to pay the US$300 ( approx.. 340 Canadian) I have to find a much cheaper host so that I can keep the website up and running for the next year or two until I can afford to do something with it (as there is a lot that I know has to be redone).

    So can I ask please that if anyone out there knows of any good webhost that is inexpensive and has software to build it/edit it either similar to SBI or very easy to use please let me know.

    Thank you Craig

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    Not entirely familiar with SBI, nor do I know of any web hosts using that particular software. Worst case scenario, you can also make your edits using the file manager in cPanel (although not ideal) that might be your best bet in regards to using a WYSIWYG editor.

    Going forward, I would look towards building your new website in something like wordpress (more universal and compatible with most web hosts) and I dont see it being discontinued anytime soon as its very popular (millions of people use it).
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    SBI definitely looks outdated. You should check Wordpress at least, as suggested.
    As for the host, check shared hosting offers on this forum, you'll find something for you.

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    Wow, does this bring back memories.. Ken Evoy and Site-Build-It. This was the very first hosting package/software I used to build a site about 10 years ago.

    Assuming the SBI site templates haven't dramatically changed, I would 2nd FernGullyGraphics's recommendation about looking into WordPress. A relatively easy-to-learn/easy-to-use CMS platform should provide a rather smooth transition. I'll go ahead and recommend WordPress (WP) in particular, because that was the first software I adjusted to after cancelling my SBI account. I've used WordPress ever since.

    If you want to give WP a test run, you can head on over to and start a new, free site. Start playing with the interface, post a few pages or articles, install a couple themes and plugins, etc. If you start to feel comfortable with it, you can eventually seek out a reputable hosting company that costs much less than $300.00/year and host the WP site on a new plan.

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    There's no easy 'migration path' from SBI to anything else, it's a custom sitebuilder/manager.

    Last client I know who switched to 'normal' hosting from SBI went with Joomla and a local designer for a few hours to setup/configure the modules and a bit of copy&paste for the content.
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