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    VPS configuration

    I am preety new in all of this. I want to know brief description about
    CPU Units
    CPU Cores
    CPU %
    I/O Priority
    If i create a vps in solusvm then which value would be great? please give me full easy brief description about
    CPU Units
    CPU Cores
    CPU %
    I/O Priority

    And i want to know what is Media Groups

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    CPU units is how many CPU's you get, CPU cores are how many cores each of those CPU's have. CPU % is how much of that CPU you are allowed to use, and I/O priority is basically what it says, who has priority access to the internet basically.

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    VPS value depends on your requirement as to what kind of website you will be hosting.

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    CPU units is how many CPU's you get, CPU cores are how many cores each of those CPU's have
    Close, but allow me to elaborate a bit. First off, don't be intimidated by this setting. It's frustrating at first and is even worse to explain, but I'll try my best.

    CPUUNITS has to do with fair CPU utilization. For example if you set a virtual server with 1000 cpuunits, and another with 500, and they both needed 100% of the node's CPU(s) at the same time, the virtual server with 1000 cpuunits will get twice as much CPU processing time for whatever it needs, than the virtual server with 500 cpuunits defined. It's almost like I/O priority but with your processors.

    Playing with these values in a production environment isn't a good idea. You could potentially create unnecessary performance issues by setting one value higher than the other, or vice versa. If not careful you could potentially overcommit this resource. Depends on your processor.

    In short, think of total CPU processing power on the node - and out of that, which container gets to jump to the head of the line if it needs a boost? - The containers with the higher cpuunits values will receive more computing priority over containers with smaller values defined.

    I believe the default 'cpuunits' per container is 1000 if not changed in SolusVM or through vzctl. If you're unfamiliar with these, it's best to play it safe and set each container with identical cpuunits, as this value is more reserved for advanced scaling/tuning of containers.
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