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    Looking for Level 3 Support

    Lamb Host is a rapidly expanding hosting company that offers a wide range of services including shared, reseller, Minecraft, VPS and dedicated hosting as well as management services.

    As such, we are looking for someone who has a wide array of experience, preferably in both Linux and Windows though it is fine if you have more experience in one than the other. It is also a huge benefit if you have Cisco experience, but not a requirement.

    At Lamb Host, we hold our vision above everything else. As such, every employee marvels at the warm environment fostered among our staff. That is extended to our customers as well, so that they always feel like we are listening to their needs instead of simply trying to fix their problems. We call ourselves a person-centered host, which means we hold the value of the customer above the profits that we may gain from them. Therefore, treating our customers with respect is of the utmost importance.

    Our vision is four-fold:

    • Focus — We are focused on making our customers successful.
    • Faith — We consider ourselves to be a Christian organization, though there is no requirement as to religious affiliation of our employees, but simply understand that these values underlie the decisions we make and how we treat our employees and customers alike. Our motto we live by is “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam” — For the greater glory of God.
    • Flexibility — We pride ourselves in having packages that are totally customizable — that a customer can choose exactly the options they need and no more.
    • Family — Above all, we consider ourselves to be a family; we discourage any kind of competition, but instead our employees help other employees who may need it. We try to foster a supportive environment for everyone. We try to extend this family to our customers as well by offering personalized service.

    If you are interested in joining us, please send information about yourself along with your resume to [email protected].

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    Please also when sending your resume, include why you think you would be a good fit at Lamb Host — not technically but according to our environment and vision. Otherwise we may not consider your application.

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    I've sent you my resume. The attachments are rejected by your system, hence I sent my resume as .zip file. Kindly let me know if you need any additional information.


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    World Wide Web

    We are interested in this.

    You can contact us in Skype or via the livechat facility in our website

    Our skype id is logic.meeting

    Awaiting your response. - the name says it all!
    Managed Cloud Servers
    Server Management and Monitoring
    24x7 outsourced customer support

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    Quote Originally Posted by supportexpertz View Post

    We are interested in this.

    You can contact us in Skype or via the livechat facility in our website

    Our skype id is logic.meeting

    Awaiting your response.
    1. We do not accept outsourcing companies. We only have actual employees at Lamb Host
    2. We provided specific instructions for applying. Anyone who does not follow these instructions will not be considered.

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