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    massive rows of DB and RAM & CPU?


    i have a website it has a mysql DB its not big(only 150 mb) but has massive rows about 400,000 rows in one table of it. 2000 IP users / per day.
    so my php queries a lot of data from mysql DB.... now i am face to choosing correct RAM and CPU for my website. i have two setting which one i should select?

    1-setting 4G RAM and 2G CPU.

    2-setting 2G RAM and 4G CPU

    for me 1st or 2nd one is OK?
    i can choose only one of them... not both 4G. thanks...waiting the responses... thanks to all..

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    any answers , thanks.

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    waiting for you....

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    It all depends on the types of queries you are running and the intensity of them.

    For example: we have a write-intensive database with well over 800,000,000 rows (the biggest tables have about 350,000,000 each) and is around 115GB that requires basically no CPU, but I have to use about 56GB of RAM for this database to allow it to run smoothly. It's worth noting that this database has tens of millions of rows purged from it daily as well (otherwise we'd be talking hundreds of billions here and the sheer disk size would be ridiculous).

    On the contrary, I have a few databases with only a few hundred thousand rows that require very little RAM but eat CPU like there's no tomorrow.

    In the end, the size and number of rows aren't all that relevant in choosing. It's more about the efficiency of the queries, and how well your DB is indexed.
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    What @KnownHost-Jonathan said is correct so use this to help you. If most or all your queries use a defined index then CPU is not as important but if your queries are ad-hock the CPU is very important.
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    thank you very much for your answers... my query is more every time queries whole table. seems need more RAM.

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    my query is very simple like this:
    select id, title from table1 order by views;

    to query this efficiently and quickly which setting is correct:

    1-setting 4G RAM and 2G CPU.
    2-setting 2G RAM and 4G CPU

    which one? 1st or 2nd one is OK?
    thanks waiting the answers.

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