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    Main (host) domain stops working suddenly.

    We have some cPanel servers with apache/Bind/CSF, I'm using the server in hetzner datacenter and they get me just one IP on a server so I'm using two DNS records by same IP like : and

    I used a domain name for handling the server name (like: and there is an active site with full of content account on the ( But suddenly it stops working with "Domain lookup failure" on host tracker and "ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond" on intoDNS, site dissappears, and when I terminate the site and restore today's backup the site comes back. BTW I am able to ping (,(, (, but ( is not accessible. All other domains are working smoothly with (, ( The DNS is set for it's NS (ns1.serverone...). I had not any problem with this settings before.

    I do not need to wait for propagation, because on one of servers there is a same domain that is without any content and unused , it's about many months it doesn't work.

    What can be the problem?
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    Try recreating the named file of this main domain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sys Admin View Post
    Since all of your other domains are working fine using the same nameservers it's likely a specific issue with's dns zone.
    Quote Originally Posted by my247webhosting View Post
    Try recreating the named file of this main domain.
    Thank you for your help.
    I recreated the named file and int worked for now

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