If you are looking for the way to improve your security and your customers experience, our new module is a solution for you!

ModulesGarden Password Manager For WHMCS
as the name suggests allows to store and manage passwords in a convenient and safe way. Module lets you also decide who will have access to particular passwords.
Another interesting functionality is possibility to integrate with your client area to allow your customers to view passwords shared with them and give them the opportunity to manage their own passwords.
We made every effort to make Password Manager For WHMCS as flexible and easy to use as possible therefore this is a very handy tool for both you, your staff members and your clients.

We are aware of fact that security is very important for each one of us. Therefore through usage of advanced two-way encryption mechanisms module offers high level security for your valuable data. Even if unauthrized person will gain access to your WHMCS or database, he will not be able to decrypt the data without your custom encryption key.

Purchase Password Manager For WHMCS to easily manage your valuable data and significantly increase the level of data security in your company.


  • Share Access Details With Multiple Clients
  • Share Access Details With Administrators With Specific Admin Roles
  • Store Personal Access Details Which Are Only Visible To You
  • Stores Access Details In Encrypted Format
  • Extended Permissions For Admin Role - Allow Access To All Non-Personal Passwords
  • Revoke Access (Visibility) Of The Password From Clients/Administrators - With One Click
  • Normal Administrators With 'Configure Addon Modules' Permission Are Unable To Change Extended Permissions
  • Adding Note To The Password
  • Provides A Colorized Display Of Access Details Within The Admin Area
  • Links To The Website Or The Login Page Of The Password
  • Displays Owner Of Password


  • Easy Integration
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports WHMCS V5 and Later

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Module was created in cooperation with Star Network and Promotion Ltd.

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    For example a VPS server and a cPanel license (with cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS module) or two web hosting accounts on two separate servers, and so on. Possibilities are endless!
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