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    Best dedicated server for virtualization usage

    I want to purchase a dedicated server in Europe (preferably Netherlands, Germany) or USA and I am looking for the best config for use in virtualization.

    This is what I am looking for:

    5x240GB SSD (RAID0) (with LSI preferably)
    64GB RAM
    32 IPv4's
    1Gb/s with atleast 100TB Bandwidth

    I have already tried contacting Leaseweb but they seem to have a strict 16IP Limit per server.

    Can anyone here help me suggest someone to contact for this config?

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    Are you seriously going with RAID 0? While it does give you a performance boost but you have to really pray hard that none of the drives fail.

    The server you are looking for is quite a beast. You should prepare a decent budget for it.

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    Also agree about RAID0. Are you seriuos? It is not better to make it on RAID5 or RAID10 ( 4 or 6 disks needed ) for example? - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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    As others also said, putting all these on a RAID-0 array is really not reasonable. That would have you gain speed but it's not reliable at all. Even if a single drive fails on that array, you will lose all your data. You better think RAID5 or RAID10 as Andrius said.

    There you should be able find plenty of providers who can do this config with mentioned IP amount.

    I may also suggest new E5 series CPUs instead of relatively old E5620s, just my opinion.
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    Thanks for the RAID suggestions, I am already aware of that.

    No one answered my initial question though.

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    Sorry - I actually tried to imply that point in my previous message but it was a bit unclear.

    Have a look at Dedicated Hosting Offers forum - there you should be able to find plenty of providers who can provide you that many IPs with your config.
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    You can try eu100tb or prahost. Though it may be difficult to find the amount of IPs you're looking for. IPv4 are scarce these days.
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    I would try WebNX (west coast USA). They specialize in custom configs and can probably do anything you need.

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    Do you require server management or are you confident that you'll be able to handle administration? For unmanaged I'd suggest getting a quote from Limestone Networks for the hardware you're looking for. I've had servers with LSN since around June of 2012. Extremely solid and reliable. Not sure how many IPv4 addresses they can give you off the bat. You might be able to get something like a /28 to start with and request additional allocations on an as-needed basis. - Good luck
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    100TB, WebNx or hetzner seem to have reasonable prices for SSD drives

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    Go check out, I am sure David will give you a great deal on this config.
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    Most provider won't be able to hand out the amount of IPs to you, even if you can justify.
    Although there are some who still have enough IPs, so with justification (which you have) it should not be any problem. - Online in no time
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