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    About Uplink Port Speed

    Hello guys,

    Can someone tell me the difference of Uplink Port Speed between:

    1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex


    1 x 1000Mbps Full-Duplex

    The server will be more faster? Will websites open more faster as well?


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    Not sure if normal websites can perform better, users will not see any site speed increase due to Port speed difference, but if you have Video sites or stream sites, that will definitely increase the buffering speed.
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    Thank you mate

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    For all practical purposes it is not a speed difference but a capacity difference. That just means you can send more data, not necessarily faster. You will only really notice the difference, if you have more than 100Mbps of traffic. Otherwise, everything will look and feel identical (to a human).

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    If your website is not streaming,file sharing etc then there will be no difference.
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    Most sites can operate just fine on a 100 Mbit connection. Unless you require a lot of bandwidth, there's no need to go for a 1 Gbit port. - Online in no time
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