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    Effect of drop-down text description

    I have one website which I have registered recently, yet not lived. On some of pages I have given the description at the bottom of page which comes in drop-down tab. I have seen it in many reputed websites.
    I wanted to know the SEO or Google effect for the same.
    Will it be useful or not???
    Please let me know as I have to implement it ASAP.
    Eagerly waiting for the replies...

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    Google almost crawl like a person viewing the site to get the best out of it and serve it to it's searchers!
    * though a SEO professional can tell more!

    * Do you mean same links in menu tab and also in footer area(with details)!
    - if so It will not cause any bad if not good

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    Thanks MikeIn for the reply.
    And it's not like i have given same link in menu and footer.
    it's just one time at the bottom of page.
    Thanks again

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    Shouldn't matter if links are in the footer, though normally I see them in the header. SEO should be fine no matter how you do it, as long as you didn't design it to display a different site based on human or bot read.
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    Depends how it's listed. If you have content buried at the bottom of the page, Google will ding you for that.

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