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    Review Request


    The company I work for is currently in the process of finding a new colocation home. I have taken an interest in Upon doing some research about Burst I have came across some pretty horrific reviews on google but as everyone knows that could be one angry customer. After searching WHT I couldn't find much on Burst so I thought I would ask first hand.

    If you are currently or previously a customer of Burst I would like to hear what you have to say about them first hand. I would like to say thanks a head of time for anyone who contributes information to this discussion.

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    Which of their datacenters are you interested in? I believe they have offer colo in multiple now. Scranton is their main/original one.

    Burst has been around for a while and have a large customer base, as you may know, more people will come to complain than come to praise so take numbers lightly and review the bad reviews for their content to see what the complaint was and how it was handled. That is most important to me, as a company, you are bound to have complaints, but how you respond to those complaints means a lot.

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    We're looking into their Scranton PA datacenter.

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    I met the same problem

    met the same problem!
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    search "" here, and you will find a lot of feedback.

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    There's quite a bit on Burst.NET here. They've gotten some negative attention for their ties to VolumeDrive, however they've also gotten some positive reviews.

    Here are some past threads that may help:

    Do your homework on whoever you go with. There's clearly opposing sides on this matter.
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    We are in the process of consolidating some of our scattered stuff with in Scranton, and so far, have nothing but positive things to say. We also read over the reviews doing our due diligence, and came to the conclusion that there wasn't a lot of specific negativity that wasn't tied to VolumeDrive and decided to move forward with them.

    Although it's too soon to do a detailed review, I'll make sure and post one down the road. For now, I could at least recommend starting a conversation with them; you lose nothing doing so. | Fully Managed Cloud Hosting 100% vmWare | Texas, Los Angeles and Seattle
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    I think you'd get better suggestions on data centers and Colo providers if you list you technical requirements (units/compartments/cabinets; ISPs, bandwidth and cross-connects; Power; other services). If choose any large, carrier-neutral facility, you can always go with any of its tenants.
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