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    Word Press site assistance please

    Hello All;
    I am still a week or so away from being able to take my Word Press site live (ICANN 60-day rule), my site is a photographic site where pictures are displayed in a static format along with a bare bones description of the location and the effects used to make the image work. This site is not a blog site; however there is a comment and e-mail component to it.
    It is hard to try and get the site into shape without being able to show what I have done, however I have a vision of how the site should generally look when complete. The site is a non-commercial website (No E-commerce) and the users are free to download and use the images in any way that they might wish as long as it is in a non commercial way. What I hope to finish up in the next few days with help from others here is:
    On the main page which I believe is a WP blog page at the bottom is some text: Archives, Meta, and an notation of a month and year, as well as login. How do I delete these items from this page as it is here that I want to display my images on?
    At present the site contains only one column (the full page), what I think might work better would be to have a two column display with a large section on the left and a small column on the right side. I am not sure what to put into the right side as of yet but based on another photographic site similar to mine it seems to work well. In this side column I envision announcements, links and promotion items.
    The theme that I am using is the “Landscape” theme from it is a minimalist theme designed for photographic sites. The header that comes with the theme can be replaced, and that I have done but required the new image to be at 1440 × 500 pixels. Is it possible to modify the header so that the image could be let us say 1440 x 400 pixels? In my mind the header is to large and takes up valuable space on the main page.

    Well that is a good start, thank you in advance for any input you might provide.

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    How do I delete these items from this page as it is here that I want to display my images on?
    You can delete them by simply dragging empty text widget on the same place or a proper widget with images of your desire.

    According to the author and date, find and delete similar code in the page.php of your current theme:

    <?php the_date(); ?>

    or this:

    <?php the_time(); ?>

    <?php the_time('F jS, Y') ?>Author: <?php the_author() ?>

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