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    Need a little device plugged to PCI card inside server. Would this be allowed?


    So I need to have a little encrypting box *inside a server*, size similar to a laptop CD drive, that has to be plugged on a PCI card. Servers will be mining crypto coins. I don't think it would be practical to occupy a whole unit just to have a device that is as big as my hand and as thin as a laptop CD drive sitting there.

    There is plenty of unused space inside the 2U servers (2 to 3 GPUs in each server). There will be around 20 servers, so I don't want to wast space here.

    Would it be practical to nicely attach/fix the devices inside the server?

    Not trying to me extremely cheap here, just trying to lower my costs a little bit. I would have all the devices in an 1U in the rack but I don't want them exposed.

    As far as average datacenter regulations, would this even be allowed?

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    A little confused - why wouldn't this be permitted? Having them internal definitely seems like a better idea for multiple reasons (security, neatness, etc.). With 20 servers, you're most likely going to be renting a half or full cabinet, so you're likely not going to be paying per rack-unit anyway (ie: there won't really be a cost saving either way).

    Or have I misunderstood what you're attempting to accomplish?

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    If you are coloing this and it poses no fire risk it should not be a problem at all.
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