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    MySQL expert needed urgently


    We need a true MySQL expert to help us deal with some recent issues we've had with data loss and corruption. We have one server that suffered widespread corruption after a failed disk migration (from SSD to regular storage), and now most accounts in that server cannot be migrated to other ones via WHM's transfer feature due to MySQL corruption problems. The other big issue is happening on other servers where random sites that were working just fine now have empty DB tables.

    Please apply to the job by sending an email to [email protected] - I can provide the full log to serious applicants so we can both have a better idea of how long this will take, and agree on a rate accordingly.

    The first awesome candidate gets the job.

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    Email sent

    Sent you an email.

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    An email has been sent to you. Please check it and get back to me if you are interested to deal with me.

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    We are interested in this.

    You can contact us in Skype or via the livechat facility in our website

    Our skype id is logic.meeting

    Awaiting your response. - the name says it all!
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    Server Management and Monitoring
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