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    Coustomer for Reseller Web hosting.

    As i am new to reseller hosting business but i have more than 2 year experience in hosting industry want to open own hosting company I have purchased a reseller hosting account but have only one client i want to make more clients but not getting success.
    One of my friend suggest me to call webdevelper companies and tell them your plans and sell them. but when i call them they say we have using hosting services somewhere now i am bother that if i did not get client than i need to pay for reseller account from my pocket.

    So please suggest me some ideas how can i get client from world wide.And where i am making mistakes ?

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    "One of my friend suggest me to call webdevelper companies and tell them your plans and sell them"

    I think he meant that you should advertise on forums such as WHT. You can make a nice niche and buy Google adwords or facebook/twitter ads and go with that. Good luck. Staff. Shared Web Hosting | Reseller Web Hosting | IRCD Hosting | psyBNC/sBNC/eggdrop/znc Hosting
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    You can start by advertising your services here; but, as you will (soon) find out, getting customers is one of the hardest parts in this hyper-competitive business.
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    As the other have said before, one of the best FREE advertising methods you can use, is to advertise on here WHT. Customise your signature so that when you post, everyone can see your business. This accounts for all forums also, not just WHT. Try posting on web hosting forums, and business forums.

    Google AdWords can send a ton of customers you way, however its pretty expensive. You need to be an expert at campaigns in order to be successful at it. You can test this by adding £25 to your account, and they will give you a further £75 for free. You can use this to experiment or at least get some customers from it.

    Facebook advertising is relatively cheap and in my opinion more effective than Google AdWords. A benefit with Facebook, is that it can keep on giving if you build up Likes. You can use it to publish news and offer to existing and potential new clients.

    You can also try advertising on other websites which are used by your target audience. For example if you wanting B2B clients, try and hook up a deal with a business advice forum/webisite!

    Hope this helps!

  5. A place that works well also are webhosting price comparison websites. The smaller they are, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domain-and-Webspace View Post
    A place that works well also are webhosting price comparison websites. The smaller they are, the better.
    Are you referring to top 10 lists?

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    You can get some customers by answering questions on webmaster forums. Don't forget to add your signature.
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    Advertise locally. Call businesses around your office or hone or better yet visit them in person at their business and explain to them what your services are capable if doing. You must show these business owners how will your service help then get views , clients or customers. I started a business a while back about two three years ago and this is what I did it totally worked. It's good too because normally local clients don't even have a site which means most tones they will want you to do a whole solution for then for example whole site with hosting now if you have any experience coding or have a friend that can team up with you and do the design / development part then you will make huge lump sacks of money here and there . Build a power point presentation explain how to use and how ur service works show them this and most likely they will purchase services from you z

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    Find a niche and dominate it.


    EZPZHosting & InnoHosting have found the niche of providing reseller hosting to business centric users, then providing end user support to the clients of clients.

    And you know what? They're both fighting to dominate the growing niche.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by AcclaimedHost Alan View Post
    Are you referring to top 10 lists?
    Top 10 lists are not really a good choice. Most of them are just a bunch of logos with the names of the company and maybe the price range. The quality of many of these sites is not sufficient to help visitors do an educated choice.
    Logo, company name and price range is not enough in attracting clients. Better are pages, where you can list your plans and features so that potential clients can compare.

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