GetDedi is back with an amazing offer for VPS Providers!

Only 4 in stock! So hurry up!

CPU: Intel Xeon Haswell E3 1240

Memory: 32GB DDR3 ECC

Storage: 4 x 500GB Western Digital RE4

Free IPKVM (IPMI) with remote media

10TB Premium Traffic on a blend of Level 3, Telia, XO Communications

1Gbps Uplink

/25 IPv4 (125 Usable IP Addresses) (Additional /25 IPv4 is just $45/month extra)

Located in East Coast (Buffalo, NY) with great connectivity to Europe

This little beast is only $120/month with $0 Setup Fee.

Click here to order: (24/72 Hour Setup Time)

Note that you have to be a VPS Provider in order to justify for the huge IP space. If you are just going into the business, we can deliver the IPs in /27 subnets and assign up to /25 as you justify for new blocks.