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    Questions about Moniker and Snapname

    Hello, I'm really new to this forum and those domain auctions.

    I just want to buy a very specific domain for my startup.

    I notice that this domain's registrar is "MONIKER ONLINE SERVICES LLC". It was created in 1997, and updated in 2010. It expires in 2015.

    Question: Does it means that this domains is with Moniker since 2010? Waiting to be sold...

    So I went to Moniker. It says that the domain is not avaible, it costs "$9.59", but if I click on "make offer" it says: "Simply enter an offer of $2,500 or more and we'll get started!".

    Question: If I use Moniker, my minimum bid is $2.500? Even if it says its worth "$9.59"? There is no other way?

    Than, i went to snapnames and find this domain. But its not avaible... I had to place a backorder.

    Question: It means that I have to wait until 2015 to make a bid for it? Can't snapnames offer it before, since it's part of Moniker?

    Thank you, very much!

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    Moniker shows "$9.59 [make offer]" then "Simply enter an offer of $2,500 or more and we'll get started!" if I try to buy CNN.COM or FACEBOOK.COM.

    The domain may or may not be for sale. Does it have an active site on it? If you believe it may be for sale then contact the owner directly with an offer and use an escrow service if a deal happens. But if a domain has been registered since 1997 it's very unlikely the owner will let it expire - or that it will be cheap to buy. I'd look for another name.
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