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    Exclamation Force the use of SSL in WHM/cPanel/Webmail


    Currently I have a hostname configured SSL certificate on all my servers and allow the use of SSL (in WHM, cPanel and Webmail) to the client that you want to use, do not force SSL access.

    This may be an essential item? Required?

    I forced to use at another time and had complaints because customers could not access cPanel or Webmail for his domain, because there was a redirect to the hostname of the server with SSL (anonymous hostname).

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    I think you will find that when customers have to chose the smart way vs the fast way, most of them will chose the fast way. I say this to highlight a scenario where one of your clients decides to login to their cpanel at like a starbuck or dunkin over the public wifi. Without SSL login, that password goes over in clear text. Now you have got a compromised account. You might be thinking well even if that happens its one account, but I think that they could still do some damage.

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    Sometimes, as a host, you are forced to do what is best for your clients overall, even if a few users initially complain. I would vote for forcing the SSL redirect. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    The clients should be able to login securely to their (WHM, cPanel and Webmail) with the anonymous domain. You may want to send out a mass email to clients to explain the changes and instruction to securely login to their accounts.

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    We're forcing all our customers to login via SSL to billing WHMCS platform. When it comes to WHM/cPanel, they have a choice, but by default SSL is on. It's much more secure, and they don't have to worry if they are on safe internet or not. Staff. Shared Web Hosting | Reseller Web Hosting | IRCD Hosting | psyBNC/sBNC/eggdrop/znc Hosting
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    +1 to force SSL for cPanel/webmail access. If your clients are uncomfortable due to hostname, you can change your server hostname something like and install SSL for your hostname.
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