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    Is additional bandwidth too costlier even today in US market ?

    Actually what I wanted to know is... I have come across an host (my colleague hosts with them, don't want to bring in their name, as there's nothing here to malign them), who offer 2TB bandwidth on their plan2 ($25), while 3TB bandwidth on their plan3 ($30). Cost between both the packages is mere $5 & in addition you could get 50GB more as well.

    When I inquired on one of my colleague's behalf about price of additional bandwidth, I was informed 1000GB bandwidth costs around $25-$30, he's on plan2. Now, if he upgrades his plan to plan3, he can get this 1000gb + 50gb more space. I wasn't able to understand the logic behind this weird pricing structure. Is bandwidth that costly even today in US, even when u buy bulk or is it only with some selected hosts ?

    I was just thinking... in case my colleague needs double the resources on their plan3, he should pay double the cost of plan3 that would be around $60 rite ? But according to the host's current pricing structure he may be needed to pay around $150 or something.

    I would like to have an insight about this ... as he may consider moving VPS host, as add-on pricing is out of his budget. While in the VPS Offers section, some of the highly reputable hosts on wht are giving plans with in his budget. At the moment, other than this pricing issue, he doesn't have any other issue with them, in fact he's been hosting with them for over 2yrs or nearly 2yrs.

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    Marketing hype? Bandwidth price depends on location factor, DC's, seller ability to plan and control overselling.
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    Some providers don't like dealing with custom plans. This pricing model helps push people back towards standard plans. At least that's the only thing that I can think of. I've seen it with other providers as well.
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    It’s probably due to overselling. If you purchase additional bandwidth, chances are you are actually gonna use it. Most people don’t actually use remotely close to their bandwidth allowance anyway so they can easily get away with offering loads of bandwidth on their standard plans.
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    Well it all depends on the quality of the bandwidth the host is providing, if its premium/quality bandwidth its surely goning to cost more than the normal cheap bandwidth. If not than the host is just offering it at higher prices because of the overselling like others mentioned.

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    thanks for your input friends, much appreciated

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