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    Question Any information on

    has anyone worked with them? are they good?

    thanks in advance!

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    Hi viento,

    I've never heard of that company before but after looking at their Web site it appears that they are brokers/agents who probably work with a few different processors with a focus on high risk accounts. They appear to be marketing under their own DBA but they are not a registered ISO/MSP nor do they list any kind of other agency disclosure - which actually makes their Web site in direct violation of Visa/MasterCard rules & regs which specifically prohibits that... so I would tread with some caution.

    Are you in specific need of a high risk merchant processor? Where are you located geographically? The answers to those questions will play a big role in what service provider(s) may be the best fit for you. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    hello, cdgcommerce! thanks a lot for the reply!

    our location is Georgia (not a USA state). i'm new to online payments, and i'm not sure are we high risk or no. we are building online contest with paid membership.

    could you recommend us any stable processor? thanks in advance!

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