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    Intel will release the 5th Generation Core Micro architecture processors this year, code named Broadwell, and will feature up to 18 Cores in certain models.


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    after a significant delay due to problems in production...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vex76 View Post
    after a significant delay due to problems in production...
    It was only delayed by 1 quarter to Q1 2014. Considering that the last few architectures were launched in Q2 including Haswell having been launched in Q2 2013 less than a year ago, it would seem that they're still a quarter ahead of their usual schedule. I wouldn't really call that a significant delay.

    I don't expect this will be very eventful in the single CPU space. Probably just a small speed increase like Haswell, although power consumption may be reduced even further. The next interesting launch will probably be Broadwell-E (not expecting too much of Haswell-E), as they'll probably take full advantage of the 14nm manufacturing process for more cores than ever.
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