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    Best Online Storages ?

    do you know best online storages ?
    amazon is very expensive
    data center in NL or USA is okay for me

    online storages is i can upload file and share them to my client
    so my client can download the files directly

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    checkout dreamobjects by dreamhost.

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    Personally I've always use Dropbox. Google Drive is cheaper though.

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    If you want paid A/c then you can use justcloud.
    If you want free dropbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahulroy View Post
    If you want paid A/c then you can use justcloud.
    If you want free dropbox.
    i mean can handle 10TB Files and 100TB Bandwidth monthly

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    Mega and dropbox are the nice one. They are free as well. Staff. Shared Web Hosting | Reseller Web Hosting | IRCD Hosting | psyBNC/sBNC/eggdrop/znc Hosting
    xShellz Linux Shell & IRCD Hosting.
    24/7 Live & Ticket Support

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    Your requirements aren't really clear, but just wanted to toss out there that you could go with a dedicated server and run something like Owncloud.

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    RackSpace Cloud Files it also has CDN options cheaper than AWS and faster too.

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