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    Does ProviderService VPS do backups ?

    I am seriously considering ProviderService VPS - does anyone know if they do backups ?

    I know they are on RAID-10, but I would prefer a daily backup as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandys View Post
    I am seriously considering ProviderService VPS - does anyone know if they do backups ?

    I know they are on RAID-10, but I would prefer a daily backup as well.
    Thanks for your interest in our products. If you mean our unmanaged/self-managed virtual servers, no backup service is included. You need to take care of backups yourself.

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    Just a general comment: No matter who your provider is and how reliable they are, you must take responsibility to provide your own backups, where the backup data is stored somewhere outside the provider's purview.

    I have seen so many cases (probably more than one a month) where someone lost their VPS and all of its data. All too often, the provider's business failed unexpectedly, and the backups disappeared with them. Sometimes the provider succumbed to an attack where the attackers destroyed VPSs and the backups. Last June, several VPS providers lost their customers' VPSs due to SolusVM control panel exploits. It was a disaster.

    You must maintain your own independent copy of the backup, keep it up to date, and be sure that it in a format where you can deploy it to a new VPS at a new provider.

    It is okay to use the provider's backup system, as long as you keep your own separate offsite copies of the backups, and it is in a form that you can use later without the provider's help.

    Is it a lot of work? Yes. Will you be relieved later if something happens? Yes.

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    It may be extra work for you to make your own back ups and to store them on your own system but in the end trust everyone who says it. "Keeping your own backups will pay off."

    What happens when your providers customer support isn't around to supply you with a back up and your whole site is down due to a hacker deleting all the files? Will you wait and keep your site down or do you want to be all to go where ever you are storing your back ups and upload one of them so that to your site can become back online?

    Or what if the host disappears or has someone that deleted all the back ups from their clients? They you'll be fed you'll have to start from the beginning. It's like saving a video game you must make your own back ups unless your paying someone millions of bucks to stay on point and take back ups and to ensure that they will be a valuable 24/7 but then still how will you know who ever you are paying is really taking the back ups and storing them?

    To be more on a way safer side take your own back ups and store them in multiple places such as home PC, portable drives , CDs, even on your mobile phones sd card would do good.

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