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    Exclamation Looking for Dallas Traffic Scrubbing

    I'm with a scrubbing company currently that leaves a bit to be desired. Currently I host on colo in Dallas and scrubbing happens in Chicago. Latency is a bit higher than I'd like and their customer service and handling of my account is horrendous.

    Need about 10-15GB/month of clean traffic as close to Dallas as possible, protecting game servers running TCP traffic hosted on 4 ip's and about 9 ports, but it's fine if all traffic comes in on one ip and routed based on ports. If nothing available in south central region, more north or east is ok, but no west coast locations please.

    Obviously need to protect against layer 4 UDP SYN flood type of attack, but more importantly, layer 7 various types of attacks, up to around 10Gbps.

    Budget is $250-$500/month depending on details (same as I'm currently paying). Not currently under attack, just looking for ongoing protection for those times when it happens.

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    Are you looking to host just 1 server or multiple?
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    I'm not looking for hosting, just a scrubbing facility that filters the clean traffic through to my existing datacenter. Several servers there.

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    Who are you using in Chicago?

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    zenprotection netdefender.
    also original post has a typo, i meant 10-15TB/month, not GB.

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