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    Need some kind help with ffmpeg and extra's

    Hello guys/Gals

    I have been trying the last 24hrs to setup ffmpeg,flvtool2,mplayer and mp4boxs and as you know a few other to set up this script i have to encode videos and stream them.

    I run a dedicated server with centos6 + whm/cpanel

    I have managed to install everything but something went wrong along the way as nothing encodes or plays.

    It seems all the paths have changed and i prob did not fully install whats needed.

    the paths no are


    The php path changed which it should not have done at all.

    everything should be on the path

    I simply cannot correct this at all no matter what i do and i think i have prob stuffed up the install anyways.

    If any kind person who knows alot about how to set these up and fix this i would be greatful to you and would be interested in you coming on board with this project maybe rev share as i need some one who knows alot about server setup storage balancing..ect

    Please contact me via pm and we can chat on skype.


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    Could you not just adjust your scripts to use the new path? Also, /usr/local/bin is normal nowadays. But if you are running a 64 bit server and didn't configure those as such it might have put the libraries in the wrong directories (eg /usr/local/lib instead of /usr/local/lib64).

    If all you need is the above I would remove them then install rpmforge-repo and reinstall those packages from there, it will set the paths right etc if you are using 64 bit.
    Tara Roberts

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    Yeah the paths are ok i worked out.

    But i just think its all messed up as i must have complied everything wrong.

    And i simply can't find everything to remove to then try and reinstall again thats why i was wondering if anyone here could help me out with it.

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    Where ever the source files are that you installed from, you need to go into the folder for each one (eg mplayer folder, ffmpeg folder etc) and run the following (note not all command will work on each one, just run them all to be on the safe side).

    make uninstall
    make clean
    make distclean

    That should remove each of them and clean up the installations so you can reinstall.

    But I would research each part to see if it needs a prefix etc to tell it where to store and find the stuff it needs.
    Tara Roberts

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    Yeah that's the problem i don't think i would be able to clean and then re-install again with out again stuffing it

    also the script with needs to stream and encode has to use a set version of ffmpeg 0.9.1 aswell

    I have a 64 bit server.

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