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    Was browsing for a good deal in "Web Hosting Offers".
    Saw XINIX, saw a complain in its promotional thread.

    Visited the site:

    Was confused why they seems to imply that Pure SSD = SSD Cached Drives.

    Saw something awfully familiar with their SSD image.
    Realized that the image has Digital Oceal Logo in it.

    Question: what's the relationship between the two company?

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    I only complained as they've literally burned every client they acquired via their webhostingtalk offers and have not answered a single support ticket since Early November 2013. They're a scam outfit and quite honestly should be banned for scamming clients.

    XINIX isn't fast by any means it's just their marketing ploy to dupe suckers into ordering and paying for service they're never going to get.

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