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    Thumbs down - Cheap VPS Provider - Poor Service


    I have recently been in the market to switch over my server hosting to something a bit more local with less latency. I decided on as they have servers in Seattle and has a low amount of lag as well as a competitive price.

    I always start a new provider with their lowest package to make sure I know what I'm getting into. So far, it has been over 54 hours since my order and payment, still no response from the provider. I opened a ticket with them early this morning, no response.

    I would highly discourage anyone from utilizing this provider, unless you like to pay someone to be ignored. I wanted to take the time to let others know not to waste their time.

    I'm off to cancel this order now! Good luck, and happy new year.

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    I used to use them and their service was okay, their Support was not as great but I always got a response within 24 hours which is alright. It's a shame if they've gone downhill since I used them, they were pretty good.

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    I did a fair bit of reading before deciding to use these guys too. I saw a few bad things, but it is to be expected with cheap providers like this one.

    I saw lots of positive reviews as well, so I decided to give it a shot.

    Oh well, good thing I went with the smallest package first... My tactic paid off I guess

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    I guess the ol' saying is right, you get what you pay for? But I would give them a bit more time and see what they say for a reason for not responding in a timely manner is. Maybe they dont work on the weekends or something?
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    Well I heard back after about 90 hours...

    Seems they are really short staffed and behind, I was also offered a free month of service.

    Since they recognized the issue and offered compensation I've decided I will give it a try after all.

    Just wanted to make sure I posted an update.

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    They have very interesting Reseller plans . This is a sign.
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    Yeah, cheap is rarely good.
    I understand everyone is trying to do something on a budget, but quality and reliability costs.

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    I used them in the past and was not impressed. If you need something local in Seattle, checkout RamNode, I'm up to 4 VPSes with them in Seattle.

    I've been searching for equivalent provider but I haven't found one yet.

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    The truth is that we are indeed very short on staff currently. New staff members are being hired. I am doing my best to work through the problems (which are a lot at this point of time), and I can promise that everything will be normalized really soon. We are working on upgrading all the hardware as well.

    I'll be PMing everyone that posted in this thread, to find out what the problems were and get everything improved based on that feedback.

    As I can't spare the time to be monitoring this forum, I'd be glad that if anyone wants to contact me, to do it directly on my email at alex @
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