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    High Risk Payment Processor for Non Nude Adult site

    Hey Everyone,
    We're opening a bubble gum fetish website where models literally sit in their swimsuits and blow gum bubbles. We also own a tickling website (same deal, just tickling in swimsuits, no nudity). Just wanted to see if anyone knows if CCbill is actually the best way to go. I'm willing to pay the visa/mastercard fees but wanted to see if any of the other sites with lower transaction percentages are reliable enough. I've been considering Verotel which doesn't seem to have the greatest reviews in terms of their customer service, and which doesn't really give any price ranges or percentages. Has anyone used any of these or Epoch? What has your experience been? Should I just buckle down and use CCbill? Thanks for your input!

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    try use 2checkout merchant|Cloud VPS Openstack KVM |Cloud VPS Windows
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    CCbill is a great option. You pay the higher rate so you have fraud protection and 99% of end user issues are handled by them. I had them on our subscriptions sites for 12 years as our primary.
    Epoch is the other player. They are good people as well.

    Netbilling, Payze, etc are options if you'd like to have your own merchant account.
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    Do you plan on getting a merchant account, or are you only interested in a payment aggregator?

    There is a big difference and your options are very, very different depending on what path you choose.

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    I agree with @alternativepayments on all points. Another one you could check out is GTbill, they have been a good partner of mine for several years.
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