Front Range Hosting (Now WireSix) is looking for people wanting a global CDN with better pricing than Akamai, Rack Space, or Amazon AWS.

Our Pricing is simple. .038/GB thatís approx 39.00/TB of data transfer.

We support:


No Content Restrictions other than it be supported and Legal.

Setup is simple, create an origin domain i.e. and setup a simple A record to point to our unique identifier and change your html code to load images, files, etc from the network automatically downloads the content and caches it for you. Look Ma NO HANDS!

For those looking to distribute videos and large files we have PUSH VOD and Streaming modes as well! Create your resource like above and FTP the content into our servers and itís distributed globally to all our pop locations.

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Our CDN Powered by OnApp and our global federation of CDN providers gives your websites the edge they need to load quicker, which increases conversions and customer retention. One study of a major internet retailer estimated that 1 second of load time would cost them over 2 billion dollars in sales a year. For smaller companies with tighter budgets this means it's even more important to use every tool you can to retain those customers and convert new clients.