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    Thoughts on 2x Xeon E5-2687W v2 server?

    I'd like to build one of these bad boys. I really like the CPU in theory, it can handle a lot with a fast clock speed. I've built Dual E5-2640's in the past in 2U Chassis without much hassle, so what should I expect from these processors?

    Aside from the info on intel's page:

    What pitfalls can I expect if any? Does anyone have any information on the sort of power it will draw idle and under maximum load?

    As far as cooling is concerned, does anyone have any recommendations there? For less powerful E5's I've gotten away with this fan: , with a standard redundant 2U like the CSE-825TQ-R700LPB 700W

    Anyway, aside from the CPU there won't be much power hungry hardware. It'll run SSDs, so not much there.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm mostly concerned with the amps that this will eat up

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    Other than cost there is not real pitfalls. We have a large number of high wattage stuff in use, we are currently using the 2690v2's for clients due to the extra 2x cores, lower wattage and just a hair slower.

    We deployed a good number of the older non v2 2687w's and wouldn't dream of tossing them into a 1u / using a 1u blower fan. I would suggest getting something like this (assuming your mobo is a narrow HSU) or the R15 if the bigger one (though on the bigger ones we prefer intel's active heatsinks).

    Keep in mind that some of the dual 2011 mobos do not support 150W cpus, so keep an eye out on that (usually they have dual 8 pin power besides the main ATX power plug)
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