Just thought I would post a little about my experience with the new Genesis News Pro theme (see my website in sig to see it in action).

I was using the Avada theme from themeforest, and had the Layerslider on the homepage. Despite having a fast VPS, I was getting a load time using pingdom tools of about 2 seconds, which was really dissapointing.

As a result, I started to investigate all things relating to WordPress \ caching \ CDN that could speed up my site and one thing that kept popping up was the Genesis framework with a light load of plugins. Therefore, I spent the last week upgrading my WordPress site to the new Genesis theme, added Cloudflare Pro with all the optimisations on Max, and used W3 cache as well (although I had W3 cache installed previously).

For my host, I have a VPS with Hostnine 4GB Ram, SSD. I investigated some kind of Nginx setup, including a full Wordpress config without control panel. In the end I decided against it, partly due to incompatibility of the latest versions of PHP with vbulletin, but because I chose to use the Nginx with Cloudflare.

Check out my speed test: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/GqRg...sthostnews.com

The smallest load time I have had is 245ms. With all the other gadgets Cloudflare comes with, the site is incredible. I am sitting here in awe.

If you have any questions about my config, feel free to ask.