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    Unhappy Host issues with hardware and IPMI

    (Posted on LowEndTalk too)

    I recently signed up with a host that I won't disclose for now.

    Assigned hardware and found out that the server was missing 4GB of RAM. 20GB instead of 24GB. I brought it to their attention and they let me know that this was a rare instance that I was delivered the wrong setup. Okay. They offered me $3/off my monthly bill or to move me to a machine with 24GB. I opted for the latter. They did tell me there would be downtime during the move (and I would still be responsible for that time). Again, I didn't have much issue, as long as it wasn't more than a few hours. The server is of a Dell Chassis and has MegaRac IPMI interface (with integrated KVM). I had loaded ESXI on the machine and was fine with this, however I decided I wanted to load Server 2012 and just use HyperVM for my pet projects. During the middle of the install (using remote media), MegaRac completely died on me. I could not access the interface at all. I tried accessing it from IPMITool to reboot the MC using a cold reset. No dice. My host advised me that since this was un-manged, I would have no assistance with this. They offered me three solutions - rent a KVM at $30, pay $20 for a cold rack reboot (remote hands scheduled with other work,'discounted rate' as they referred to it), or wait anywhere from 1-4 weeks to be moved to additional hardware, no firm ETA. Unfortunately, my hands are tied so I paid the $20 and opted for the cold rack reboot (in the hopes that this would fix IPMI, with no guarantee). So, we're about 24 hours out with no IPMI or access to the server, on hardware that was delivered incorrectly. I understand that it might be harder back east due to the storms and such, but it's a lot of things not going right. This just worried me down the road if I have a RAM module or hard drive failure that I will be charged for the replacement time even though it's not my hardware. They've been somewhat responsive, but I feel like I've gotten the short end of the stick with paying $75 and only utilizing the server for more than about 2 days.

    Do I stick it out or cut my losses and run?

  2. While it sounds to me like you've gotten some bad hardware, it also sounds like your host has been responsive and forthcoming as to the issues you are experiencing. They are providing accurate timelines, and they are letting you know of each and every charge you have agreed to. While it is the host's responsibility to ensure that you are on solid hardware from Day 1, hardware failures do happen.

    If you don't have a good feeling going forward, then set yourself a limit on the amount of time you will allow them to resolve the issues, and if the issues aren't resolved, go elsewhere.

    Hopefully they'll fix the issues for you!

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    You seem to be having quite some bad luck on a very short period of time.
    I would suggest that they give you a fully new server in order to compensate you for the problems.

    If they are unable to do so, I suggest you find another host. - Online in no time
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    I've received a generally well response from providers on LowEndTalk. Apparently Dell's MegaRac IPMI is very finicky. However most agreed I shouldn't be charged any fees for this issue since it's a hardware and not a software issue. The host saw the thread I had posted and contacted me, indicating that they were moving me to a new server (not mentioning whether I would be responsible for that time or not).

    Seems word travels fast there.

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