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    Star Web Hosting 9 months review

    I've been hosting my website with Star Web Hosting (shared hosting with custom plan) for more than 9 months now and I'm generally satisfied, even if there were a couple of major problems during this time.
    Once my website was hacked, but I can't say if it was my fault or their fault. Anyway, they responded very quickly to the problem, and in a couple of hours it was solved. The other major problem was a large DDoS attack that shut down their US server, and I had to be moved to a UK server for some time.
    But in general the uptime was good, the best I had so far after trying 4 different low cost hosting companies, according to Pingdom it is 99.39%.
    Stuart and his team are always available to replay within minutes, and to accommodate the requirements of their clients.
    At the beginning I was told that support at night (uk time) might have been slower, because they outsource it to an external company, but also in this case I didn't experience any delay.
    Even if they are not perfect, I think it's really difficult to find a better quality for this price!
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    Sounds like you're happy with them overall.

    Thanks for sharing your review with the rest of us.

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    Sounds like you fount the right host, good luck in the future

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    Good to know that you are happy with them. DoS or DDoS attacks are largely out of the control for most shared hosting provider and there is not much the host can do (other than using expensive DDoS Protection).
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