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    Question Shared hosting and sub domain registration

    Hopefully you can help me, I'm looking at adding a few shared hosting packages from different hosts to my little farm, originally, I used my business domain, i.e. to register by first shared hosting package. Since then I've bought a couple more elsewhere, and registered them initially with another domain, then added as an add-on, then as a subdomain. This means I can then add s[n] ongoing for each shared hosting package I buy in the future.

    This seems pretty clumsy in practice, and I'm wondering if theres a better way.

    I'd ideally like each shared package I have to be initially registered with s[n] but it seems every host I try doesnt allow you to register with a subdomain. I cannot expect them to change their config just for me, so I am planning on registering each with the same - however this wont resolve to each shared host, but to my dedi. Adding s[n] subdomains is fine, but will I have any problems in the future with hosts if the domain I register with doesnt resolve to them? I just want to make sure I'm not going to run into potential problems with hosts/whcms/cpanel etc down the line.

    edit: each shared package I use add-on domains to host maybe 5-10 individual sites.

    I hope this is clear, any advice appreciated


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    You can ask them to change it on WHM for you, it's a two step change.
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