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    Thumbs up IntoVPS 2 years review

    Hello there!

    It has been two years since I ordered my starter package vps at IntoVPS, you can read my 6 months review here.

    Uptime: 10/10
    I have personally never experienced any mayor downtime in the two years I have been with them.

    I'll leave the rating of this to the pro's. I don't consider myself a very experienced linux user, so here are the results of the I/O test I performed just a few minutes ago:
    [[email protected] ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 17.2923 s, 62.1 MB/s
    Support: 10/10
    I said it in my previous review and I'll say it again. Their support is lightning fast! About three months ago I got disconnected from SSH while I was doing some stuff in my VPS and I opened a support ticket. Took them 2 minutes to respond and 8 minutes to resolve the issue.


    Control Panel: 10/10
    WHMCS for the clients area and Hypanel to manage the VPS. Never had an issue with either, everything I've used the panels for has worked flawlessly.

    Pricing: 10/10
    I have their smallest VPS package, paying it semi-annually for $57.00 USD.

    My overall experience with them is excellent, I have been using their services for two years and looking forward for the next two. I hope my review is helpful for people looking for a great VPS hosting company.

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    Thank you for sharing your review about IntoVPS.
    10/10 for everything is simply great. Kudos to IntoVPS team
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    It's really good to see that you are satisfied with your service. 2 year is a quite long period and not every provider can keep their customers that satisfied for that long. I am just happy to see your happiness...

    IntoVPS is definitely a good provider, wish all my best to them. I also really like IntoDNS, they're doing/did a great job with that!
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    Happy to see a satisfied customer

    Keep it up IntoVPS
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    To keep a customer satisfied for two years is not simple. So IntoVPS deserve a review and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Seems Good

    Seems good. I'm with HostMonster's VPS at the moment and they are also good. Among all EIG brands, I have found it the fastest and most reliable

    BTW what about cPanel? Does IntoVPS provide cPanel under the same price or you need to pay it additionally?

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    They charge $12 monthly for cPanel.

    Quote Originally Posted by supportivehands View Post
    BTW what about cPanel? Does IntoVPS provide cPanel under the same price or you need to pay it additionally?

  9. Thank you for the info, then the price will go up considerably. Currently I'm happy with HostMonster and the only downtime was the one a couple of weeks ago happened with HostGator and BlueHost.. When I need to leave HostMonster, I'll look for IntoVPS..

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    Yes, we have some servers with them too and they provide an excellent service.
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    IntoVPS is a great provider, I have seen only good thing about them. - We Nurse & Babysit Your Websites!
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