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    Wnat to rent two high-powered servers for the next month


    i'm looking to rent a couple of high powered servers for one month. starting within the next few days. it will be for a wordpress site, i would like to have at least 32megs of ram on each. one for the site, one for the database. i would like to have the servers set up for this function. i will provide the files.

    who would you guys recommend? i appreciate the help for a n00b on your forum.

    kind regards.

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    And server usage term also one month?

    Suppliers are not interested in short term contracts.
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    Hopefully you meant 32GB of RAM on each server, otherwise you should get a VPS if you only need 32MB.
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    You can also get 1 server with SSD drive for the database or for both: website and the database + of course if your site is indeed very loaded - you will need to make a lot of server optimizations and configurations.

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    What type of content would be published on your WordPress site? How much traffic you are expecting? What is your budget for the server?
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    How much are you willing to spend on that ?
    Do you need them to be in the USA ?

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    thanks to everyone for the fast response.

    the reason for the short-term is that this is a sort of test. the content will be a single user live blog which live blogs a televised event. in other words, while say someone is watching a game on their television, they can come to our site and read the liveblog of our commentator as it updates in realtime, and they can add comments of their own.

    i would like to over deploy going out the gate so there are no problems during the test.

    the server should be close to los angeles, as much of our traffic will come from there.

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    It sounds like a cloud solution may be a better route to go then dedicated server. You don't want to pay for low point prior to the event or after the event. With a cloud solution you could scale to the size you actually need on event day and then the next day scale back down.

    Plus, if things were really crazy you could add instant load balancing into the solution as well. With dedi you are going to pay whether you use them or not plus you are stuck if you under estimated the load.
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    thank you zachary, you may be right. this will all happen very quickly, within a week maybe. i would like to commit to a month, maybe two, and am willing to pay for full power that entire time. once the months are over, i would likely down the whole thing.

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    I second the opinion for a cloud solution.
    It might save you a few troubles and it will be instant on / instant off.

    I can recommend an excellent scalable cloud provider in Chicago / midwest but i have no experience with providers on the west coast.

    If your show is local, might wanna search for an LA provider, if your show is nation-wide than actually the midwest might be perfect for you.

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    hey kambone. thanks for the reply.

    the bulk of our traffic will be from los angeles, with the secondary bulk in new york city.

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