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    Home server random 502 errors and connection issues. Help?!

    I'm not sure where to start fixing this issue.

    Today I woke up with customers complaining they couldn't access their websites. Sure enough any site I tried to access failed. If I click refresh over and over a request will go through and display a site.

    When accessed through my phone I get 502 Bad Gateway.

    Called ISP they said nothing is wrong.

    I've got no idea how to approach this.

    try to access www . sdeonline . us
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    502 Bad Gateway means it is actually hitting your HTTP server and getting a response as that is an HTTP error.

    Your ISP is correct in saying everything is fine on their end.

    You should check the error logs for your web server for more information. If you tell us what kind of system/server you're running, we can point you a little more specifically.

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    I am getting following error message
    Server Error in Application "SDE"
    HTTP Error 403.6 - IP is blocked by geoblocker. Request IP: [xx.xx.xx.xx] Forwarded IP's: []. Blocked IP: [xx.xx.xx.xx] from [IN]
    The IP address from which you are browsing is not permitted to access the requested Web site.
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    Same here, is it that the other IP's are not allowed. I mean only specific IP are given access to it explicitly via ACL under IIS. Let us know.
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    Thanks everyone. The issue I was having was someone is DoS attacking my server. I blocked the IP and everything returned to normal.
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