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    Need Help/Advice from the Experts

    Hello there! Any idea how long does it take to design your OWN website? I mean, doing it personally and from scratch? How about when using a pre-designed template? We are conducting a research and I believe this is the right place to ask these questions. Your replies are greatly appreciated.


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    The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors.

    I'd say that a really good template can cut it in half, or better if the template includes shortcodes and such.

    What kind of site?

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    Template sites will be the fastest, but not the level of flexibility custom sites would be able to provide. So it depends on the type of site being developed.

    Simple sites will benefit from templates, while more complex sites will require longer development times (but may also be rewarded with more visitors). Also depends on web site development skills -- if a new developer, time is extended. For an expert, sites could be programmed quickly.
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