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    partition layout for ssd+hdd

    Hi guys,

    Could you please give me some suggestion for partition layout on this setup?

    E31230v3, 32gb ram, 1xSamsung 840PRO 512GB SSD, 1x1TB HDD

    I am using CENTOS 6.5 x86_64 + cPanel. Most websites hosted on this server will be wordpress sites and vbulletin forums. So there are many small reads and writes, and I need daily backups for these websites.

    Thank you very much!
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    Build the server with a decent LVM setup and monitor all LVMS for their usage via SAR, then when you know which LVM's are using the most IOPS, add a chunk of SSD as flashcache.

    Or, you could just from the start mount /var/lib/mysql as an SSD volume.

    Lots of ways to address this one.
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    I would like to ask a similar question question. I am getting a new server with E5-1620v2, 64 Gbs Ram, LSI-7241-4i with 1GB Cachevault, 2x2 TBs SATA and 2x240 Gbs SSD.

    This will be a shared server with mostly joomla and wordpress sites. I was thinking to transfer /var/lib/mysql to ssd and use the rest of ssd space as flashcache for the entire root filesystem. I was considering bcache and enchanceio as alternatives but with cloudlinux i am stuck with kernel 2.6.32.

    Is LVM necessary? Do you have any partitioning scheme in mind?

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